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Safer Skies Through Education

To improve the Nation's aviation safety record by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach, and education. At the same time, FAASTeam Managers and Program Managers will establish meaningful aviation industry alliances and encourage continual growth of a positive safety culture within the aviation community.

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Here you will find many valuable resources available for Fying, Flight Training, and aviation realated products.

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Who Are You Kidding?

Who are you really kidding? The FAA, your logbook, you family? When is the last time you sat down and went over procedures or researched what's new in the system? Just because you met the mininum requirements for the flight review doesn't make you "Cockpit Safe"! Maybe it's been a while, so you go out and do three take offs and landings or shoot six approaches. Are you really current?

The flight starts at home the day before, not when you call flight service or file a flight plan the day of the flight. But where can you get the information you need? There are tons of publications and a lot of reading to do. Information is scattered all across the internet. Safe Cockpit .com will soon be your place for one stop shopping.

What Safe is all about

Safe Cockpit .com is a site designed for pilots seeking information about aviation. The site was specifically designed for average low or high time pilots who haven't had to opportunity to fly in a while, or don't fly often. The site includes links to free information and ideas to keep your mind fresh. Hopefully, by keeping in contact through this site, and our Fourm, the aviation community can survive and flourish, and maintain a Safe Cockpit.

Granted, our economy is enduring tough times, but our minds do not have to take the day off. As the site grows, input from you, "The Pilots", will become handy tools for passing along valuable information.

Nothing can take the place of proper training and practice. However, “any” information you can find or read about aviation will supplement your training or flying experience. Please browse our site, or join in our forum. Help our flying community have a Safe Cockpit.

What Safe Cockpit is:

Safe Cockpit is a supplement to Formal Training.
Safe Cockpit is a place for Pilots to share information.
Safe Cockpit is an economic place to learn about flying.
Safe Cockpit is a Pilot resource center
Safe Cockpit will make you a safer pilot

What Safe Cockpit is not:

Safe Cockpit is not Formal Training.
Safe Cockpit is not a replacement for Formal Training.
Safe Cockpit Chart information is not to be used for actual flight.

Our Forums

Please take a moment to join our Forum discussion. Share information, resources, events, ask, or answer a question to help a fellow pilot out. Our community is getting smaller and smaller and it's up to us to keep General Aviation alive. Joining together as a group will keep us strong. As our site grows, our membership will grow, and the information available to the aviation community will grow. Join us today!

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