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Safer Skies Through Education

To improve the Nation's aviation safety record by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach, and education. At the same time, FAASTeam Managers and Program Managers will establish meaningful aviation industry alliances and encourage continual growth of a positive safety culture within the aviation community.

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CFI Programs for FY 2020

1st Qtr CFI Forum-CFI Pro and Path to Proficiency Part 1-PPT-

2nd Qtr CFI Forum-CFI Pro and Path to Proficiency Part 2-PPT-

CFI Programs for FY 2019

CFI-OCT-18-Teaching Aircraft Limitations

CFI-JAN-19-Teaching SRM

CFI-APR-19-Teaching Profiency

CFI-JLY-19-Stabilized Approaches


Regular Monthly Programs

Flying The Central Florida Airspace

FEB Clearwater~ Automation

Drone Safety Awarness Week

ADS-B Tampa Clearwater

NPP 27 - ADS -B Mtg FY2018 v.5FinalA (2) 2018 Rep Training

2019 Rep Training 2019

Schedule of Events

Topic of the Month Videos

You Tube Topic of the Month Videos

June - Angle of Attaxk Awareness - Power Point

Sep - Uses of Weather Information - Power Point

Root Causes of Accidents - Power Point

Tampa - Clearwater March 2019 Introduction to Safety Risk Management (SRM)

FRAT Spreadsheet

Tampa - Clearwater Pilots and Medications

Tampa December Drone / UAV

Clearwater December / Drone UAV

Clearwater November CFIT

Compliance Philosophy TBAA

Compliance Philosophy For The CFI

Tampa November Emergency Proceedures and Fuel Emergencies

Clearwater October Emergency Proceedures and Fuel Emergencies

Clearwater September Stabalized Approaches and Go-Arounds

Tampa October Stablized Approaches and Go-Arounds

FAA Drone Presentation

FAA Drone Presentation 102

FY 18 NPP 04 Pilot Controller Forum

Transition Training

FAASTeam Initial Reps Training-Tampa

FAASTeam Initial Reps Training-Tampa-Lakeland



ADS-B Brooksville-018 SAT



Dennis Whitley's Bio

CFI Third Qtr. 6-19-17

CFI Fourth Qtr. 8-14-17

Basic Med 05-06-2017


Runway Safety PPT - MOSI September 10

Runway Safety PPT - ALL

Runway Safety PDF - ALL


Runway Incursion Matrix

KSFO-Runway 28 L

Unsafe Acts

SRQ-6-26-13 Instructor Student responsibility PPT

PIE-NAA 6-4-13 Instructor Student responsibility PPT

Safety Stand Down PPT

FAA WINGS Program - Long Version - For FPMs and Reps

FAA WINGS Program - Short Version For Pilots

Orlando-TAA Mar 14, 2013


Airspace FAA.GOV/TV

Tampa DPE Workshop - Instructor Professionalisim PPTX

Tampa DPE Workshop - Loss of Control PPTX

Tampa DPE Workshop - North florida FSDO Stats

Flying Florida's Airspace - Sebring Jaunary 17-20, 2012 PPT

Flying Florida's Airspace - Sebring Jaunary 17-20, 2012 PPTX

Sun 'N Fun FAA Forums Document

Sun 'N Fun FAA Forums Schedule

CFI-SEP Airworthiness Power Point Walt Schamel LAL Jan, 05, 2013

CFI-SEP Airworthiness Student Quiz LAL Jan, 05, 2013

CFI-SEP Airworthiness Check LIst LAL Jan, 05, 2013

CFI-SEP Energy Management Power Point Bob Jex LAL Jan, 05, 2013

CFI-SEP Energy Management Power Table LAL Jan, 05, 2013

Audiance Questions and Answers LAL Jan, 05, 2013

Stall Spin Avoidance LAL Oct, 20, 2012

The Flight Review

SnF 2012 Webinar Report

Quick Wings

Sun 'N Fun Briefing PPT

Sun 'N Fun Briefing PPTX

Sun 'N Fun Forum Sdchedule 2012

Sun 'N Fun Forum Sdchedule 2013

Link to - Sun 'N Fun Forum Sdchedule

International Flight Planing

Certification Operation of Experimental Amateur Built.ppt

FY-12 ALS IS-M-ALS 4.3 Sport Pilot Flight Instruction R1 .ppt

Certification Operation of Light Sport.ppt

Safety Trends in GA

Risk Management

Declaring An Emergency

Master Pilot Award

Power Point Building Presentation

Power Point Template FAA

Power Point Template FAASTeam




Dennis Whitley_BIO.pdf

IFR Reresher - Florida

Airspace - Florida

KDD Corporate Seminar-8-6-11


Whitley FAFI-CFI-050711.ppt

Dunbar FAFI-CFI-050711.ppt

Dunbar FAFI-CFI-050711_FAA.ppt

Ask The Instructor

KVDF Safety Stand Down

FAASTeam Intro Power Point - All

FAASTeam Intro Power Point - PIE

Production Studio PPTs
Other PPTs

Hurricane Document Link

Hurricane Document PDF

MOSI-TOAL Power Point


Orlando December Pilot Deviations DHW Power Point

Orlando December Human Factors KDD Power Point

KZPH Power Point - Airspace - Tampa

FAASTeam Intro Orlando November Power Point

Orlando Airspace November Power Point

Accident Review Power Point - All

CFI Workshop Module-Any NF Accident Data Power Point - Tampa - For Air

CFI Workshop Schedule - Tampa
CFI Workshop Schedule - Sarasota
CFI Workshop Schedule - Clearwater

CFI Workshop Module-5 Safety Trends in GA
CFI Workshop Module-5 Risk Management

CFI Workshop Module-4 TSA
CFI Workshop Module-4 Special Use Airspace

CFI Workshop Module-3 IACRA
CFI Workshop Module-3 Sport Pilot

CFI Workshop Module-1-Part-1 Power Point - Tampa
CFI Workshop Module-1-Part-2 Power Point - Tampa
CFI Workshop Module-1 WNGS_FAA Safety Team.doc

CFI Workshop Module-8 DHW Power Point - Tampa
CFI Workshop Module-8 DHW Notes - Tampa
CFI Workshop Module-8 KDD Power Point - Tampa
CFI Workshop Module-8 KDD Notes - Tampa

CFI Workshop Module-7 Power Point - Tampa

CFI Workshop Module-7 PRE WORKSHOP #7 Power Point

CFI Workshop Module-8 - 2012

Aerodynamics - Any

Maintenance - Any

A Partial Listing of the Unsafe acts of Operators.doc

Stress Fatigue and Flying Power Point - Tampa - MOSI
Stress Fatigue and Flying Notes - Tampa - MOSI

Ye Mystic Air Krewe - July 29 10 PPT Tampa

Corporate Seminar Power Point - Tampa

EAA-June 12 Power Point - Port Richey

TAA-June 8 Power Point - Tampa

CFI Workshop Lakeland - Power Point - Orlando

Triple A of Flying - Power Point - Orlando

Triple A of Flying - Power Point - Tampa

Tampa Tower - Power Point

Google Earth Aviation Overlay - Power Point

MEL vs. SEL - Power Point

MEL vs. SEL For MCO CFI Workshop - Power Point

Simulation - Power Point

Ye Mystic AirKrewe - Power Point

Runway Safety - Power Point

Tampa Generic - Power Point

Tom Evans Generic - Power Point

Simulation Videos - Power Point

e-APIS Electronic Passenger Information System - Power Point

High Altitude Operations - Power Point

PPTX to PPT conversion

FAA Enforcement

FAA Safety Pamphlets

GPS WAAS Approach Operations

TD Checklist PDF

TD Checklist XLS

Production Studio Checklist - Power Point

Gaffney Award Paint

Gaffney Award PPT

Gaffney Award Word

Planning and Budget Meeting

CFI Workshop Schedule

Accident Report - LAL-South - Video

Accident Report - LAL-South - Pic-19

Accident Report - LAL-South - Pic-09

Accident Report - LAL-South - Pic-28

Accident Report - LAL-South - Pic-29

Accident Report - LAL-South - Pic-99

Accident Report - LAL-South - Pic-32

Accident Report - Citation-172 Mid Air

Accident Report - Baron-Fuel and Fog

Accident Report - Density Altitude

Accident Report - RJ Wrong Runway

Accident Report - Cessna 320 Prelim

Accident Report - Cessna 320 Probabal Cause

Train Accident Video


Halcyon Point

Halcyon Point For Sale


Letters of Reccomendation

Airspace FAA TV

SnF 2014 Schedule




FOX Contact
[2019-06-21T194751]-Front Door-MotionMissed.mp4

Billy Wilson Live Side One

Billy Wilson Live Side Two

Contact List

FAA Certificate - Emergency

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